Amazon’s in-car delivery service available to Ford and Lincoln

ford and lincoln gets incar delivery

Amazon has now extended the in-car delivery service to Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Previously, the service was limited to General Motors and Volvo vehicles.

According to Lorin Kennedy, who leads the FordPass business venture at the automaker, as of now, only 50 U.S. metro areas will get the service.

For the meantime, the service is available only to Amazon Prime members who are the owners of Ford 2017 models and Lincoln 2018 models. 

Wait, the restrictions are not done yet! There are limitations on the packages too. If the packages exceed 50 pounds or are beyond 26 x 21 x 16 inches in size, a signature is mandatory. Amazon’s in-car delivery service has been making rounds since a couple of years now, at the start, customers were free to give delivery drivers access to their house while there was a compatible keypad fixed on the door along with a security camera.

It was last year that the service was extended to Prime members. Earlier, the company had partnered with Audi, BMW, Byton, Ford, Lexus, Lincoln, Toyota, and SEAT to set up Alexa, Amazon’s intelligent voice-enabled assistant into the vehicle.