Entravision Communications Corporation Expands in Southeast Asia after New Acquisition

entravision expands in se asia

Entravision Communications Corporation has announced that it is acquiring Singapore-headquartered MediaDonuts. Founded in 2010, MediaDonuts offers digital advertising capabilities through its strategic partnerships with major global media and technology platforms.

Over the last decade, MediaDonuts has helped customers theirbranding goals across various digital media channels. Today, the company serves over 500 technology and consumer brand clients.

“With our business positioned for success, we are excited to now have the opportunity to join the global digital platform Entravision has built over the past decade. I am confident in the many commercial, technological and product development synergies our business will achieve going forward as a combined entity,” said Pieter-Jan de Kroon, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MediaDonuts.

The acquisition of MediaDonuts will help Entravision Communications expand its digital business in Southeast Asia. Following Entravision’s majority investment in Cisneros Interactive recently, the company’s digitalbusiness now represents over 65% of its revenues.

“With a global digital platform now poised to reach and serve clients in 32 countries, we are confident the addition of MediaDonuts will further enhance our service offerings and help drive our continued global growth,” said Juan Saldívar, Entravision’s Chief Digital, Strategy and Accountability Officer.

The acquisition is expected to close on July 1, 2021.Post acquisition, MediaDonuts employees will remain with the company and work from the company headquarters in Singapore.