Amazon approaches Israeli retailers to reach local customers

amazon reached out israeli local markets

Amazon, an e-commerce platform extended hands to the retailers in Israel to sell products directly to the Israeli customers via their online platform.

A letter was sent to handpicked retailers to join Amazon’s local delivery programme, this permits firms to utilize their seller account to cater to Israeli customers directly, using local inventory.

An insider said, “This new service is a positive addition to the current Amazon shopping experience for Israeli customers, providing them with quicker and cheaper delivery, while also offering a great opportunity for local, Israeli businesses to grow their businesses on Amazon.”

This news was a bombshell to many large local retailers and shopping malls. Amazon website is coveted in countries like Israel because orders that are below $75 are excepted from taxes and those orders that reach $500 are exempted from customer taxes.

The company in a statement said that customers who reside outside of the U.S. can buy products from Israeli vendors when they get permission for local delivery. It is also speculated that Amazon has planned to develop a website in Hebrew and was searching for some good translators and editors who are experts in Hebrew to English translation.