One-day delivery for Prime members out already!

amazon prime one day delivery

Prime shipping with two-day delivery was exciting when it was first launched. Amazon is keen on keeping the excitement alive for its Prime members and has cut the delivery time in half. Announced last month, Prime delivery is cut from two days to one and selected areas are already experiencing the short delivery time.

The free shipping for certain Prime members in few areas are seeing the option for one-day delivery for selected Prime items. You’ll see a “Prime Free One-Day delivery” label instead of the two-day delivery that used to be there. However, even if you’re in the same area, you might still not be part of the one-day delivery. The online retail giant is rolling out the feature slowly, even in the same areas.

Faster Delivery

Amazon had offered free one-day delivery previously as well. However, there were conditions like the Prime member had to place his order above $35 on selected merchandise. Now, the wider rollout extends to all Prime orders, which previously came under the two-day free shipping. The bonus is that there’s no minimum order for one-day shipping now.

As earlier said, the rollout is still slow and will take time. Amazon’s chief financial officer Brian Olsavsky also says the same. “It will take us a significant amount of time to achieve,” he had earlier said. So if you can’t see the one-day delivery yet, you’ll just need to wait. For those who already have the one-day shipping, shop away!