A low-version of Amazon Prime for Medicaid recipients

amazon prime medicaid recipients

Amazon made a new announcement and it wishes to offer a low-cost version of its Prime membership program to Medicaid recipients. Through this program, Amazon is dropping the price of its Prime membership to $5.99 per month from the usual $12.99.  All the benefits of Prime membership are included in this as well.

The new program is part of the Amazon’s discounted Prime service for customers on government assistance, launched in June 2017. On the other hand, Medicaid was brought out as the public assistance program providing medical coverage to low-income Americans. The fact that Amazon is reaching out to them is noteworthy. Amazon said that to qualify for the discount, customers must have a valid EBT or Medicaid card.

There are many times when online stores can sometimes have the best prices, compared with local retailers that are beneficial for low-income customers. Moreover, there are many low-income shoppers who don’t own a vehicle and driving to and from a store is never easy.

Additionally, Prime includes an up to 20 percent discount on wipes and diapers, which can help low-income families with newborn save more. From the looks of it, Amazon and other retailers are trying to encourage more and more people to sign up for Prime by making it accessible to all.