Amazon Prime members can now avail 10% discount on Whole Foods

amazon prime discount whole foods

Amazon Prime members, you are in for a whole load of exclusive discounts. If you shop at Whole Foods, you’ll be accessing a 10 percent discount and you can also avail the ‘weekly deep discounts’ on best sellers. The retail giant announced that the savings and discounts will first be released in Florida and an eventual expansion to the entire US will follow shortly.

Amazon acquired Whole Foods a year ago for $13.7 billion but had shut down the Whole Food’s rewards program and digital coupons. Nevertheless, Amazon had begun slashing down the prices at Whole Food’s stores. Now, it’s linking its Prime membership with Whole Foods by giving away discounts and savings. 

The sale that the Prime members have is now going to be on a consistent basis. Also, the weekly sale on Whole Foods is an added benefit for all. The selected items for the weekly sale will be labeled with yellow a “10% off” sale signs and Prime member discount will have a “Prime Member Deal” sign.

The weekly discount programs are nothing new. Mostly, other retailers require you to sign up for loyalty programs. In the case of Whole Foods, you simply need to be a Prime member to enjoy all these discounts and savings!