Amazon employees in Germany go on strike, demand better work conditions

amazon germany employees strike

Workers from Amazon’s warehouses at Werne and Leipzig went on a strike on Monday. Amazon workers in Germany have staged protests since 2013 demanding higher pay and better work conditions since 2013. But Amazon has strongly stood firm against the worker demands ever since the strikes started. The strike is bound to continue for another day.

Germany boasts of being Amazon’s second-biggest market after the U.S. Amazon has always maintained that it pays its employees very well and in line with its competitors in the logistics sector and it refuses to budge even now. The Verdi Union that represents the workers has repeatedly said that Amazon employees receive lower wages in comparison to others in retail and mail-order jobs in Germany.

Workers had earlier staged strikes even last month on Black Friday with the same demands. But the company said that the protests had no impact on its customer orders. Once again as the strikes continue the company is confident that the strikes will have no impact on the orders as Christmas approaches. “We are well prepared for Christmas and look forward to delivering for our customers during this busy period, as we do all year round,” Amazon said.