Third-party sellers get customer emails from Amazon employee

amazon employee shares email

It looks likes the Amazon employees are still under the radar. It’s been a month since the Amazon administration began its investigations of its employees in a bribe scam for exposing data to third-party sellers. Now, the global retailer has another news update to share. Now, another Amazon employee has shared customer emails with third-party sellers.

Amazon has mailed these customers and notified them. The company has also fired the employee and removed the seller from their platform. Luckily, apart from the mail address, no other information was leaked. However, it still remains unclear if it was just one employee or more were involved. Amazon also didn’t clarify where the employee was from and how serious the issue could be.

The previous bribing incident involved nearly $2,000 for every customer email address shared with the seller. Customer email ids are very important because sellers can repeatedly pester the customers to remove the negative comments about their product. The reviews from a “Verified Purchase” are very important, as it directly influences the product listing on the search results page.

The company is now asking its customers to notify them about any unsolicited emails from sellers. Instances have occurred where sellers have given discounts to customers for changing their reviews on the Amazon platform. This directly takes us to another problem Amazon is tackling: fake reviews! Amazon has got a lot on its hand. Hopefully, it clears out before the holiday sales kick in!