Firefighters and Farmers get new drones from Parrot

parrot drones for firefighters farmers

Parrot is making a fresh attempt to push commercial drones with the launch of two new drones. Parrot is calling them Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermo and Bluegrass. These brand new drones are aimed specifically for firefighters and farmers.

Bebop-Pro Thermo and Bluegrass are now part of Parrot’s professional range of drones. Both the drones are tailor-made for specific industries and needs. The Bebop-Pro Thermo includes a thermal imaging camera and matching software alongside the usual video cam. This helps the firefights to pinpoint sources of heat, be it a source of fire or a person trapped. The drone also comes along with a long-range remote control in the box to keep pilots well out of harm's way.

On the other hand, the Bluegrass is designed keeping farmers in mind to gear their agriculture. The Bluegrass drone comes with a multispectral sensor and flight planning software. This helps farmers to monitor their fields without sending someone to check in person. 

Parrot ensures that the drones can cover about 74 acres on a single charge. This fresh attempt from Parrot is a big deal as the company seems to be having issues within the company. After firing 290 employees this year, it has indeed been a tough year for the company.