The new beer in Singapore is made from recycled toilet water

singapore recycled toilet water beer

A local craft brewery Brewerkz in Singapore, introduced a special beer called NEWBrew made out of recycled toilet water

After processing sewage into drinking water, Singapore made beer from the same. This blonde ale called NEWBrew was first introduced in 2018 at a water conference and hit the market in April this year.

Brewerkz collaborated with the national water agency, PUB, of Singapore to introduce the beverage. Brewerkz uses water from NEWater, the brand that recycled sewage water to make it fit for drinking. This is an initiative to promote the importance of recycling and sustainability.

Due to limited sources of fresh water, Singapore has adapted water recycling technology that treats sewage water and turns it into drinking water. The sewage water is disinfected and treated with UV rays and passed through an advanced membrane to remove contaminant particles and make it portable.

The idea of processing sewage water for making beer is getting mixed reviews from the public of Singapore. While some of the population welcomes it, others are yet to digest the fact. However, the first batch of NEWBrew is already sold out at Brewerkz restaurants, and the company expects stocks at supermarkets will run out by the end of July.