Pegasus Tech Ventures Announces Collaboration with Food Giant Ajinomoto

pegasus tech ventures ajinomoto collaboration

Pegasus Tech Ventures has announced a business collaboration with Japan’s food giant Ajinomoto Co. The collaboration will accelerate the innovation by tapping into the top startups and emerging trends in food and healthcare sectors.

The collaboration will mainly target companies and trends emerging in Silicon Valley and other parts of North America, Europe, and Asia. The collaboration will also help Ajinomoto expand through Pegasus in 16 locations around the world.

“By utilizing Pegasus' extensive network, we will strengthen our CVC's sourcing activities for innovation and accelerate collaboration with startup companies around the world in business domains, such as food and healthcare,” said ShunjiTakehana, Group Manager of Ajinomoto Co. Corporate Venture Capital.

Pegasus can help the Japanese food giant analyze the startups and help it partner with the best among them. The main goal of this collaboration between the two esteemed organizations is to expand Ajinomoto’s global presence. “There are many exciting innovations, and we will support Ajinomoto Co. in collaborating with these brilliant startup companies. We hope that Ajinomoto Co. will be able to deliver the next generation of products to the global community through partnerships with top startups,” said AnisUzzaman, Founder & CEO of Pegasus Tech Ventures.