LG develops a new foldable display material, calls it ‘Real Folding Window’

lg real folding window

LG develops new foldable display material named ‘Real Folding Window’ and claims it is harder than glass and folds outwards.

With smartphone technologies becoming nothing short of science-fiction, one of the problems that foldable smartphones face, i.e., screen durability, seems to be solved by LG’s newest innovation.

In the latest press release, LG showcased what they call ‘Real Folding Window’; it is a PET film coated with specially developed coating materials that make the surface as hard as glass and keeps the cover window as foldable as plastic.

Cover windows are the outermost part of the screen of a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. They protect the screen and are clear enough to let the OLED displays be vibrant and pretty.

Also, unlike the polyamide films used on the screens of foldable phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Z fold, or the new Moto Razr, these PET films are claimed to be thinner, more flexible, and stronger than glass.

With a coating of only a few dozen micrometer thicknesses on both the sides of the PET film, LG claim the ‘Real Folding Window’ will not only be able to fold inwards but can also be folded outward and rolled too.

LG plans to procure mass production capabilities by 2022 and begin full-scale production and sales from 2023 onwards.