Indonesia’s parliament to move to a new capital city

indonesias parliament to move to a new capital city

Indonesia’s parliament has passed a bill to relocate the country’s capital from Jakarta to a site on the island of Borneo.

The new state capital law, which provides a legal framework for Indonesia’s President JokoWidodo’s ambitious $32 billion project, specifies how the development of the capital will be financed and governed.

The country’s planning minister, SuharsoMonoarfo, told the parliament that the new capital has a central function and symbolizes the nation’s identity and the new center of economic gravity.

The island nation’s new capital will be called ‘Nusantara,’ a Javanese name for the Indonesian archipelago, waschosen by President JokoWidodo, the country’s planning minister reported.

The nation’s new capital will be located in the East Kalimantan Province on the island of Borneo, some 2,000 km northeast of Jakarta, Indonesia’s existing capital on the island of Java. Jakarta will remain the country’s financial and commercial center. Nusantara is to have a provincial-level administration—similar to Indonesia’s 34 provinces.

Multiple Indonesian presidents have floated the plan to relocate the government from Jakarta, a bustling megacity of 10 million people plagued by chronic congestion, air pollution, and floods. However, until now, no president has made it this far.

Jokowi, as the president is commonly known in the country, first announced plans to shift the capital in 2019, but the COVID-19 pandemic hampered progress.