Chinese auto giant Geely launches Homtruck, its rival to Tesla's Semi

geely launches tesla semi rvalhomtruck

Geely Holding Group's commercial vehicle brand, Farizon Auto, unveiled its next generation of smart, clean energy semi-truck, the Homtruck, with production and first deliveries planned for early 2024.

Geely's Homtruck launch comes as several Daimler to Warren Buffet-backed BYD automakers has announced their electric trucks. Tesla had announced its electric truck called the Semi back in 2017 but has delayed the production of that vehicle for some time.

When the deliveries begin, the Homtruck will be one of the most advanced and cleanest commercial vehicles on the road, focusing on efficiency, pedestrian and driver safety, and boasting breakthroughs in sustainable powertrains. The Homtruck's architecture can carry a number of powertrain options, including range extender, methanol hybrid, and pure electric with battery swapping option based on government standards recently released by China's Ministry of Industry and Technology, allowing for the Homtruck to be charged at service stations across highways in minutes rather than a substantial amount of time.

The Homtruck can connect to the logistics network's big data platforms to help drivers obtain the most optimal orders in real-time, analyze and track deliveries, and calculate operating costs along the routes. GeelyHomtruck's 'brain' can utilize vehicle sensors to analyze traffic data in real-time and receive route recommendations. Furthermore, the truck's energy management system can also manage the Homtruck's power or fuel supply to achieve the most optimal economic performance and recommend optimal refueling or recharging routes to the driver.