Flood-resistant house: A new invention of Japan

flood resistant house japan

Japanese house development company Ichijo Komuten invented a water-proof, flood-resistant house.

Flood is a big problem in some Asian countries, and Japan is no exception. Japan has always been prone to earthquakes and floods. But as it is said, “necessity is the mother of invention” Japan has always come up with a solution to its problem. Japan invented earthquake-resistant houses, and now Ichijo Komuten, a Japanese house development company come up with the flood-resistant, water-proof floating house.

The demo of the house was broadcasted on TBS TV station. It is a regular house, which slowly rises when the water level rises around it. Cables and thick iron rods connect the house to the ground, lift it upward when a flood occurs and affix it back to the ground as soon as the flood is over. Exceptional plumbing has been done where valves stop water from entering the house. In this water-proof house, all the electrical stuff is installed upwards so that water does not come in contact with them. The company claims that the house can float up to 5 meters, but it is yet to be proved.

Ichijo Komuten is one of Japan’s largest housing developers. It has set three Guinness records in the last two years for the most successful custom home company and the largest prefabricated housing factory. The flood-resistant house is another proud invention of Ichijo Komuten.