DJI’s Mini 2 Drone Brings 4K Video And Double Range

djis mini 2 drone release

DJI has released its latest Mini 2 drone as a successor to the previously released DJI mini aimed at an affordable price and compact size. While the DJI mini could just capture at 2.7K and 40 Mbps, the new DJI mini 2 can record up to 4K 30fps and 100 Mbps. This improves the quality a lot as you get more resolution and details to edit and post-process your footage.

It also lets you shoot 12MP RAW still photos in addition to JPEG shots, and recording 1080p video can technically give a 4X Zoom mode that lets you get closer to a subject without flying the drone. The steady three-axis gimbal keeps the footage stabilized.

DJI has significantly improved its latest Mini 2 with range and other capabilities. It now has a much more reliable OcuSync 2.0 transmission technology that offers a 10 km range, a 150% increase over the 4 km of the Mavic Mini. The DJI Mini 2 also offers a near-class-leading 31 minutes of flight time. DJI has promised upgraded motors with greater speed, greater acceleration, and the ability to counter winds up to 24MPH.

With the updated DJI Fly mobile app, it is easier to share your footage wirelessly. The Mini 2 can now connect directly to the DJI Fly mobile app without the remote controller. You can easily download, edit, and share your photos and videos. All these improvements have added to the cost of the new DJI Mini 2 as it starts at $449 for the base kit with Mini 2, a controller, and a battery. It is $50 more than the predecessor. The Fly More Combo kit comes with three batteries, a charging hub, and a carrying case costing $599.