Carl Pei leaves OnePlus to start a new venture

carl pei leaves oneplus

Carl Pei, who co-Founded OnePlus, has decided to leave the company to start a new venture. This comes a day before OnePlus launches 8T. According to a Reddit user, JonSigur, the company’s internal documents reveal, Emily Dai, lead of OnePlus operations in India, will take over the Nord lineup globally. The company head is still not clear. Moreover, he believes that he may have been sacked, and publically the departure is being shown as “mutual consent.”

OnePlus hasn’t made any public revelation about this. David Ruddock, editor at Android Police, also wrote on Twitter that the “OnePlus Nord” project might have been the point of conflict between him and the other co-Founder Pete Lau. Recently, OnePlus, which only manufactured “Flagship Killers,” has also started to manufacture mid-range and budget phones under the Nord branding.

Pei had started OnePlus by reaching out to Pete Lau on social media. The company took off in 2013 with the launch of its first Flagship Killer, “OnePlus One.” The invite system introduced by him did wonders for the company and created much hype across the Globe. It became popular in the home country, China, India as well as other few countries. The recent launch of “Nord Lineup” too lived up with its hype and became one of the hottest selling smartphones this year.

Earlier, Pei also wrote publically on his blog that he wanted to join Samsung to learn something new. But, he is not joining Samsung anytime soon. With the One Plus 8T launching tomorrow, it will be interesting to see who takes the new lead. However, Carl Pei will not be leaving the industry. He is coming with a fresh new brand soon.