Oracle to hire 2000 to support its cloud growth

oracle hiring two thousand

Oracle has announced that it will be hiring 2,000 new employees to augment the growth of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure business. The fresh injection to the workforce will help the company compete with rivals like Microsoft and AWS.

The company has significantly grown its cloud portfolio in recent times which has proven to be advantageous for its customers. This has inspired Oracle to roll out new product innovations and reach out to new markets. The hiring is going to focus on Oracle’s software development, cloud operations, and business operations.

“Cloud is still in its early days with less than 20 percent penetration today, and enterprises are just beginning to use the cloud for mission-critical workloads,” said Don Johnson, executive vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “Our aggressive hiring and growth plans are mapped to meet the needs of our customers, providing them reliability, high performance, and robust security as they continue to move to the cloud.”

Oracle has expanded its cloud reach very fast in the past year and currently is available in 16 regions across the globe. The company plans to add 20 more regions by the end of next year. Oracle will also be making real estate investments to boost its Cloud Infrastructure business apart from hiring.