Larry Ellison launches the Autonomous Transaction Processing at Oracle event

oracle autonomous transaction processing

Larry Ellison, Co-Founder and CTO of Oracle launched the Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing that will leverage innovative machine learning and automation capabilities. Oracle calls it a “self-driving database cloud service” that will help run applications pertaining to finance, retail and manufacturing by facilitating a “high-performance transaction processing, reporting, batch and analytic workloads.”

The new Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing will help complement the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse service to aid “high-performance transactions, reporting, batch, IoT and machine learning in a single database.” This will lead to a simpler application development and deployment. It will further also enable real-time analytics, fraud detection, and personalization.

Larry Ellison said: “With the immediate availability of transaction processing, the database can optimize itself for transactions. It can run batch programs, reporting, Internet of things and mixed workloads. With these two systems, warehousing and transactions, Oracle handles all of your workloads,” during his recent webcast.

Now the users will be able to cut administrative costs by up to 80%, reduce the risk of cyber attacks and accelerate innovation by eliminating database maintenance by using the Oracle Autonomous Database.