Oracle launches Oracle API Platform Cloud Service; enables clients to drive API-first Thinking

oracle launches oracle api platform cloud service enables clients to drive api first thinking

Oracle has announced the launch of Oracle API Platform Cloud Service, bringing together governance capabilities and API-first design. Oracle is basically expanding Oracle Cloud Platform’s integration offerings which help its customers drive business transformation all the while helping developers cash in on opportunities better through its API-first design.

The Oracle API platform Cloud essentially delivers end-to-end capabilities for prototyping, designing, testing, documenting and managing of critical API’s. With this, users can easily shift to deal with ever changing business demands. Through new and simplified API management solution, developers have a clear visibility on who is using the API’s for monetization of their digital assets and also better control.

“Data is the new corporate currency and APIs are critical to business modernization and agility, enabling users to easily connect and share key information across applications and devices—mobile, IoT, in the cloud or on-premises,” said Amit Zavery, senior vice president of the Oracle Cloud Platform. “The Oracle API Platform Cloud enables developers to capitalize on new opportunities by enabling users to simply and securely manage the entire lifecycle of their APIs.”

The new suite of API’s services by Oracle will be a part of Oracle Cloud Platform and designed to eliminate all the complexities associated with the process of transferring on premise API into the cloud. This lets companies thrive in the digital economy that’s prevalent today in the corporate world.

 The new service has a bunch of pros. Firstly it allows third party developers access to data that is usually locked behind firewalls (with permission of course). It also gives them access to data stores and inside applications, allowing them to manage different interfaces for a variety of audiences using API management capabilities.