Oracle’s cloud platform gets a big data and Artificial intelligence refashioning

oracle bigdata ai makeover

Innovation in Big Data projects is very challenging especially during execution and the reason being: the complexity and the gap in skills which is required to coordinate all the necessary pieces.

Greg Pavlik, senior vice president and CTO, Oracle Cloud Platform asserts “Big Data initiatives are an important part of growing an organisation, but the process is still complex and challenging for everyone involved.”

Pavlik also adds that delivering an end-to-end; unified platform that simplifies and accelerates Big Data analytics projects in the cloud minimizes challenges and helps customers increase their rate of success.

Oracle introduced Oracle Analytics Cloud, Data Lake Edition which will unlock BigData analytics at scale on Oracle Big Data Cloud and Apache Spark. The integration of Oracle Integration Cloud and Oracle Big Data Cloud will allow analysts to explore all the data in data lakes.

 Oracle Essbase and Oracle Database Cloud helps enterprises deliver fast, interactive visualization and governance on Big Data.

Oracle has placed three machine learning and analytics capabilities in Oracle Big Data Cloud. It aims to reduce the data movement. Oracle said “R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop accelerates the algorithms available in Spar006BMLlib up to 32X, while GPU support for Apache Spark and Tensor Flow frameworks further accelerate algorithm performance for deep learning analytics.”