Oracle acquires Digital ad measurement cloud company, Moat for Marketing Data and analysis

oracle acquires digital ad measurement cloud company moat for marketing data and analysis

With the acquisition of Moat, Oracle is planning to build a new empire in the analytics and marketing world.  Moat has been exponentially gaining public attention in the marketing field for the past few years.  It provides actionable insights around viewability, brand safety, non-human traffic, and ad creative to over 600 publisher, brand and agency clients.

With the merging with Moat, Oracle is expecting a wide scale increase in their customers, by helping them provide companies with a full suite of ad targeting and measurement solutions. The New York based market analyst company has grabbed the public attention by through the ‘attention analytics’ methodology for a couple of years. Attention analytics refers to those tools which gives information on the site traffic, i.e., which part of the page is the most visited by the users. 

The technology can be used for creating advertising prices based on the analysis of the page. At least depending on the number of views, and the page traffic the advertising prices can be increased. Moat provides ad measuring analytics to digital platforms such as Facebook, Google, Pin interest depending on their business models.

Digital Marketing has taken a totally different sphere with the advertisers agreeing to spend around $100 billion on the digital ads by the year 2019. But with every growing technology, there must be some challenges. Likewise, it has also run into some problems recently which Oracle expects to eliminate with this intelligent merging.