The Ohio Department of Transportation will hand contracts to two companies

ohio contracts to two companies

Concentrating on the improvement of transportation patterns, The Ohio Department of Transportation is giving contracts to two companies StreetLight Data and INRIX. This collaboration will provide ODOT access to a host of new data tools for these purposes: To improve system planning, traffic management, and operations in Ohio.

Statewide agencies and local transportation agencies who want to save time and money can avail the tools. New set of tools are added from INRIX which was working with ODOT and now the contract is given to StreetLight Data to “transform INRIX data into actionable intelligence.”
Scott Sedlik, a general manager and vice president at INRIX said “The addition of analytics gives them the tools to more accurately measure and report the impact of transportation investments.”

The tools are meant to let ODOT and local agencies collect and visualize real-time data on things like travel patterns, traffic speed, trip origins and destinations and dangerous road situations.

Bruning said to StateScoop that ODOT uses the data which helps transportation projects and zone planning to make travel forcasting and modeling easier.

“This data will help us better understand who we are impacting the most with closures so we can more effectively communicate with them,” Bruning added.