Now drones can land like Helicopters and fly long distance like Planes

now drones can land like helicopters and fly long distance like planes

SkyX Ltd a startup company at Markham, Ontario has come up with its industrial drone with unique style and design. The company’s SkyOne drones will fly and land like helicopter; it travels more than 25 miles (40 Km) per charge. This sound like the company’s drones are designed with VTOL and fixed- wing elements. This will definitely impress drone lovers. SkyOne drones collect information on infrastructure with the help of cameras and sensors fixed on it, with an idea to send the collected data to cloud-based applications for analysis.

The company’s drones land on xStation (a proprietary charging station). This is designed like a shell to safeguard drones from being robbed. Since the charging station doesn’t move, it will restore batteries in drones to it charge it up directly and then send back drones.

“I always knew I wanted to develop something around drones and aviation for commercial use when I got out. But in consumer there were already great products. There was nothing great for long-range, but that’s where I knew there would be demand. There are millions of kilometers of oil and gas pipelines already built in the world today and they are all at risk of leaks, or terror attacks, you name it.” said Didi Horn SkyX (founder/CEO) to TechCrunch.

SkyX drones are a genie, since it covers long distance between pumping stations along with oil and gas pipelines. This will also covers solar panels that are installed at farms, apart from this- drones will also cover a wide range of acres on wind turbines fixed on roads and remote areas as well. The charging station can plug itself into an electric outlet or can also connect solar panels. Drones fly without any remote controlling assistance- and top of all its important for the company to take permission for drones to fly on different areas beyond the boundaries. “When the company did not have permission to disclose the names of its earliest customers, it is working with several energy companies on safety tests and pilot projects today in the Americas,” said Horn. 

           SkyX drones are being tested with few more features before its ready to fly.