Nokia partners with UTS Rapido lab to promote IoT based business applications on high speed technologies

nokia partners with uts rapido lab to promote iot based business applications on high speed technologies

In order to meet the requirements of the customers, Nokia join hands with UTS Rapido in the promotion of a useful technology. Here business applications can be carried out by means of high speed networks like 5G. Rapido has been proficient in the fields like data analytics, cyber security, 5G and even IoT. This was the motivating factor that made this venture.

By through this partnership, Nokia is expected to bring a technology where the future networks developed by them are devoid of any challenges set by the service providers and the enterprises. The signed memorandum takes into account the establishment of a new development and training facility at UTS, wherein Nokia can provide the IP routing, the 4G and the 5G mobile network components, and even the analytic platforms.

Both the team members seem so optimistic about the launch plans. Myriam Amielh , associate dean of external engagement at UTS said that they are planning to integrate with the industrial innovators in the build of new and advanced technologies. Together, by contributing technology and support to each other they are hoping for a dramatic change and it will definitely help the Nokia customers to unblock the potential for emerging digital capabilities.

The first project is a combination of interactive data visualization along with the software, high performance computing and film visual effect techniques for better display. The current plan is therefore to integrate 3D video filmed on Nokia’s 360 OZO cameras into the UTS 3D Data Arena.