New feature from Amazon called The Hub

new feature from amazon called the hub

Amazon’s e-commerce marketplace gets a new feature called The Hub. The Hub features lockers which are designed to be installed in multi-tenant residences. The residents can receive any bulky package and pick them up at their convenient time through The Hub lockers.

The Hub lockers look like an upgrade from the long tested Amazon lockers. These lockers were situated in public places where delivery and pickup was taking a step at being convenient. This marks what Amazon has significantly been trying to achieve; Last Mile delivery.

From Anyone at Anytime

Sounds so convenient right? And there’s more. Amazon offers this service not just for Amazon goods or its affiliates. This feature can be used as a delivery option for packages from anyone too. “You can pick up any package, from any sender, any retailer, at any time,” Amazon said in a promotional video. This is where anyone can receive it from anyone and not just from Amazon or Zappos.

The Hub is in fact going to help not only the residents and users, but also for delivery companies and Amazon itself. Let’s say you order something bulky which cannot fit into your regular mailbox along with a lot of variables that involve you get your order. And if you’re not at home to receive your parcel, you either got to depend on the goodwill of your neighbors or rush back to the package delivery depot to collect it again. So, The Hub comes to your rescue and receives your parcel where you can collect it later.

The simple fact that Amazon is letting this feature be used by anyone other than Amazon itself is marking a competitive streak. Other delivery companies like FedEx, UPS, DHL and others are going to be in close competition with the deliveries of Amazon.