5G network from Three UK coming in August

three uk 5g network

5G network from Three UK will soon be here for both mobile phones as well as home broadband. Three UK is one of the major telecom and internet service providers in the UK and is owned by CK Hutchinson Holdings.

The company states that the 5G mobile network will be available in 25 places across the UK including major cities like London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham. The home broadband service will be available in London at present.

Three UK will be the third company to launch the networking service in the country. The other companies are EE and Vodafone. Technically, Vodafone’s 5G is yet to begin soon on July 3rd. However, Three UK is providing better coverage than the other companies with 25 towns, compared to 16 from EE and 19 from Vodafone.

Three UK is also claiming that the network speed will be twice as faster with its spectrum of 140MHz, ‘doubling’ the speed of Vodafone. The telecom giant also mentioned that its core network is based on a cloud service from Nokia. Three UK still hasn’t announced the compatible handsets for its 5G service, but we’ll know more when it rolls out.