HPE comes out with StoreFabric C-series

hpe releases hardware storefabric

HPE has come out with new hardware components to help in better networking. The hardware solutions are named StoreFabric C-series SN6610C FC switch and SN8500C 48-port 32GB FC director module as extensions to its 32GB Fibre Channel portfolio.

Available with 8, 16, 24 or 32 ports, it is ideal for small department storage area network, top of rack switch or native Fibre Channel SAN extension. These new components were designed keeping in mind the growing need for high density, speed and performance connectivity. The attempt is to future proof customer networks.

StoreFabric C-series SN6610C will help customers make the move to the next generation of storage networks with features designed for optimal availability, performance, and resiliency. The 48-port 32GB module for SN8500 FC switch will help the users in mode deployment options and will future-proof their storage mechanisms. This will reduce the price of one port and will render fewer ports stranded at the core and edge.

The new hardware components are all about supporting the coming of age analytics and data warehousing. The development was done in conjunction with Cisco to come up with this solution. The HPE StoreFabric C-series SN6610C 32Gb FC Switch and the HPE StoreFabric C-series SN8500C 48-port 32Gb FC Director Module are available now.