Apple’s AirPort Routers no more

apple discontinues airport routers

Apple has announced that it is officially coming out from the router business. The company’s routers– the AirPort, AirPort Extreme, and the Time Capsule routers will no longer be seen, Apple announced.

However, Apple has assured its present users that it will continue to offer bug fixes and security patches for the devices henceforth. However, according to the announcement, Apple will be selling off all of its remaining AirPort hardware while supplies last.

Adieu AirPort

On keen observation, it’s been evident that Apple’s router business was coming to an end sooner or later. Way back in November 2016, Apple had already disbanded the hardware division responsible for its routers. Moreover, the last update for the routers was for 802.11ac Wi-Fi much before in 2013.

When new Wi-Fi systems like Eero, Google Wifi, and the Linksys Velop gained popularity, Apple’s AirPort offerings have been slowly rendered obsolete. However, Apple also made one thing quite clear. The AirPort might not totally be dead, as Apple may return to the routers networking business in the future. Who knows, the AirPort might actually see the end of the tunnel!