Netgear’s best bet is network storage

netgear prioritizes network storage

Netgear, a US based global networking company, is generating high revenue from network storage. It is also cited that many research centres and IT majors are being hosted in India, global product line manager of Netgear; Doug Cheung said that it has become the third major market along with Japan after US and Western Europe.

Primary revenue makers of Netgear are small-medium size businesses and its consumers. “With the explosive amount of data, network storage has become crucial. Starting from medical offices, law firms, real-estate, design companies and Hollywood or Bollywood there is humungous amount of data that is being created and with everything being on digital medium, every minute data that is created is huge and it continues to grow,” adding, “SMBs, medical facilities, municipal governments, surveillance companies are our major customers.” He further adds that video data is a booming sector with increasing surveillance.

Cheung adds by saying the security of this data is paramount.“After employees, data is the next valuable asset. Supplier, customer, transactional data, and intellectual property everything is stored. We are providing five levels of protection which includes deletion of data or duplication by human errors, virus, physical medium, system level errors.”