Finally, YouTube allows streaming in Full HD in mobile

youtube enables full hd streaming for mobiles

YouTube has finally removed its capping of video streaming restricted to 480p for mobile devices in India. As we know due to the lockdown imposed after the sudden outbreak of the COVID pandemic, there was a sudden increase in web traffic. This step was taken to save the networks from choking due to mobile data overuse. Although there was no restriction of streaming quality for desktops.

Now YouTube has allowed users to stream Full HD videos in mobile devices, but there is a catch; the phone must be using Wi-Fi and not mobile data. It also means that there is still a limitation to streaming on 480p if you are on a mobile network.

But there is a turnaround if you need this feature now. Alternatively, you can connect to a mobile hotspot created with your secondary phone or any of your friends or family phone’s mobile data to stream in HD, for now at least.

There are some instances where watching a video in HD is required, as there are notable differences in quality and also gaming videos which are of 60fps only can be displayed in 720p or 1080p on YouTube.

This is certainly a good step towards easing the restrictions after a long 4 months restriction. Although it will be interesting to see when YouTube decides to allow the full HD streaming on mobile networks itself, as it used to be in the pre-pandemic era.

The feature is live as this a server-side switch and users don’t necessarily need to update their apps.