Yahoo is testing its messaging app Squirrel, an invite-only group messaging app

yahoo to roll out squirrel

We can say this is the era of messaging apps. Previous year messaging apps crossed 5 billion mark for monthly active users; there are no signs of slowing down messaging app popularity. There is a new entrant by Yahoo for iOS and android concentrating particularly on friend, family and work groups with whom you want to share photos, links and other media.

Squirrel is the messaging app name. To form a group you should send them invitations that is, you will send a link to people, you need not access your wider set of contacts as part of the process of picking up new group members.

Yahoo confirmed that Squirrel is in test mode; the conversation group is in invitation-only mode but for now, you will require a yahoo login to get started.

“We listen closely and frequently test new product ideas based on research and feedback. Right now we’re experimenting with a new invite-only messaging app focused on improving group communication in everyday life.”

During early 1990’s Yahoo messenger was the early movers and leaders in instant messaging during computer-based chat service. But many mobile-based services outweighed Yahoo’s role and functions especially mobile messaging apps like Whatsapp which was created by ex-employees of Yahoo.