Xiaomi’s Wi-Fi 6 routers will now support mesh support

xiaomis wi fi 6 routers will now support mesh support

Xiaomi has released updates for its three routers already supporting Wi-Fi 6 to now support mesh networking. It has also promised that all its routers having Wi-Fi 6 will get a firmware update to support the mesh networking.

The three routers include Xiaomi router AX3600 and AX1800. Along with that, sub-brand of Xiaomi, the Redmi AX5 router has also started receiving a new firmware update that can be installed through the Xiaomi Wi-Fi application. The Redmi AX5 Wi-Fi 6 router supports speeds of up to 1775Mbps which is about 52 percent faster than Wi-Fi 5.

With mesh networking support, there can be multiple routers in the household to create a hybrid network that covers the entire house. It can be configured through automatic synchronization and a new router can be added in just one step, without the need to reset the network.

The Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600 is available for purchase in China for a price of 599 Yuan, Mi Router AX1800 is a bit cheaper, costing 299 Yuan. Whereas, Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi also debuted its first Wi-Fi 6 compatible router last month, dubbed as Redmi AX5. It is priced at 229 Yuan, which is around $32, making it the cheapest Wi-Fi 6 router from the company so far.