Xiaomi unveils its quad-waterfall display with a new concept phone

xiaomi unveils its quad waterfall display with a new concept phone

Xiaomi has just unwrapped its new smartphone concept with a display curved around all four edges. The new "quad-waterfall display" makes the concept phone from Xiaomi a truly bezel-less smartphone. The new concept phone features an 88-degree "waterfall" curve on the screen's left and right and the top and the bottom. While this development gives us a glimpse into smartphone designs' potential future, Xiaomi is unlikely to sell a phone with this design anytime soon.

Xiaomi says that the "revolutionary hyper quad-curved 88-degree surface" was not easy to make as the glass was made using hot-bending glass at a temperature as high as 800-degree Celsius to achieve the form factor.The unibody design of the smartphone with a curved display on all sides means that it is a port-free device.Based on the video that Xiaomi shared, some areas on the display's curved parts appear to be dedicated to controls like battery and signal status.

Waterfall displays unquestionably look more attention-grabbing than a more subtle curved while companies also get to boast screen-to-body ratios higher than 100%. The unnamed smartphone has an under-display camera to avoid any cutouts. It also has an e-Sim, pressure-sensitive touch sensors, and built-in speakers inside "flexible film display acoustic technology."

The unveiling of the new smartphone also hints at the company's aim to make a completely portless device by getting rid of Type-C charging. Last year, Xiaomi also unveiled 80W wireless fast charging which, it can surely use for the portless devices coming in the future.