Xiaomi working on Smart Mask with real-time breath monitoring

xiaomi smart mask coming soon

Xiaomi has endlessly been launching various smart lifestyle based products making it smart or connected. It has seamlessly blended technology with lifestyle while keeping the prices affordable. The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted Xiaomi a patent for a “Smart Mask” design. It will have pollutant filters, sensor modules, and a processor to monitor the breathing activity of an individual. It will be battery powered and connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

According to Xiaomi, the smart mask will have sensors that can calculate “Pollution absorption quantity” and record the total wearing time of the mask. The onboard processor can process the data and send it to the connected smartphone. The shared data can be compared in the app from a central server about the air quality of the locality. It can estimate the number of pollutants absorbed by the mask based upon the local air quality index.

Surprisingly, it could also measure whether your lung capacity is increasing or decreasing. We might also see the mask determining breathing issues and their possible solutions via the companion app. With increasing global pollution, the demand for face masks has increased. After the recent Coronavirus outbreak, facemasks have been made compulsory in a few affected Chinese provinces. With Smart Mask, real-time tracking and monitoring may also be possible.