Apple’s Supplier Wistron starting iPhone 12 production in India

wistron starting iphone 12 production in india

Wistron, Apples’s supplier in India which had opened in 2017, has now started the process of manufacturing the upcoming iPhone 12 in India. The Wistron facility located in Kolar, near Bangalore, had been allotted 43 acres of land for expansion.Earlier, Wistron had been manufacturing only the lower end models like the iPhone 6s, iPhone Xr, and iPhone SE. This is the first time that it will be manufacturing the top-end model in India.

Although, the manufacturing will be limited to just assembling the printed circuit boards and other important components. It will however cut off the 22% import tax and also provide some incentives to start manufacturing locally. The Indian Government has been vocal about local manufacturing and boosting local economy, taglined “Atmanirbhar Bharat”. Earlier, the Government had committed to providing incentives to the manufacturers who wish to start local manufacturing.

This has in-turn created jobs locally, as Wistron has already started hiring 10,000 locals to start local production starting by next year. As per the latest reports, Wistron has already hired 2,000 people and the iPhone 12 production has gone into the testing phase now. And we can expect the locally made iPhone 12 by mid of 2021 to be available for purchase.

After the Covid-19 hitting supply chains and the ongoing tussle with China over privacy, Huawei issue, Apple wants to secure its supply chain from getting hit and thus is expanding its manufacturing plants away from China to countries like India, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.