WeChat blocks Bytedance’s Feishu app

wechat bytedance feishu ban tencent

Tencent-owned WeChat recently blocked all the external links on its platform from Bytedance’s collaboration app Feishu.

Feishu said that it received several complaints from its users stating that they were not able to open the links, and whenever they tried, they would get a warning message saying - “The URL contains content which redirects users to share and follow inappropriately and has been reported by many people. In order to maintain a healthy internet environment, it’s inaccessible.”

Also, when users tried to share Feishu content on the WeChat app through a QR code or video conference, the mobile app will block the content from being shared. A WeChat insider stated that Feishu was banned because its links were against the external link sharing regulations of WeChat. As of now, Tencent hasn’t released an official statement.

Feishu has been trying to contact WeChat for an explanation but Tencent hasn't responded to any of their requests yet. But since the request, WeChat updated its warning message which now says: “If you need to access, please copy the URL into your browser.”

WeChat has been blocking the content of other sites for a while now; including Bytedance’s two other apps called Douyin, Duoshan and also Alibaba’s Taobao and Pinduoduo. The company is getting stringent on its policies regarding incentive sharing and external links.