Visionox releases world’s first under-screen-camera display for mass production

visionox releases under screen camera display

According to the official WeChat account of OLED product supplier Visionox, Visionox InV see™ off-screen camera solution has been released, which is the world's first on-screen camera solution to achieve mass production application-level program.

The smartphone industry has been struggling with the placement of the front camera. While Apple retains its big notch in iPhones, Sony and Google Pixel decided to let the users have a notch-free experience although hindered by a big bezel. Several companies also adopted pop-up camera but it has been criticized to be slow in face recognition and the general notion of wear and tear of moving motors used in the pop-up mechanism. The most recent development with punch-hole is quite practical but it hinders the full view screen experience. Sometimes users refrain from not buying a phone just based on punch-hole, sometimes dual-punch hole spoiling the user experience.

From the past few years, many companies like Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo had been prototyping their under-screen camera tech but still, it wasn’t ever made available for the public. Visionox’s solution has achieved the best balance of display effect and screen transparency by developing and applying new transparent OLED devices, new driving circuits, and pixel structures, and introducing highly transparent new materials, showing a better quality display and photo effects.

To achieve precision, the company tries to bridge the gap between the main and the auxiliary screens. Through the application of the new OLED device, the brightness difference, color gamut difference, and viewing angle difference between the transparent secondary screen and the main screen are eliminated, and the display consistency of the entire screen is intuitively improved, bringing a more uniform and comprehensive vision.