Turkcell joins hands with Huawei to include Huawei Mobile Services

turkcell adopts huawei mobile services

Turkcell, the largest telecom operator of Turkey collaborated with Huawei to include Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) to provide services to its customers.

According to NTV, Turkcell’s General Manager and Huawei Turkey’s Seth Wang signed an agreement at a press conference on strategic mobile ecosystem cooperation in Turkey.

This move has come after the controversial decision of several countries, lead by the US to stop business with Huawei due to its alleged spy network equipment. The US claimed that Huawei uses the backdoor entry in their network equipment to spy upon user data and shares it with the Chinese government.

Owing to this, Google restricted Huawei to use its Google Core Mobile services, a proprietary background service and an API package for Android devices. Few of the services include Google Play Store, web view service, contact sync, find my phone service, Maps, location tracking, device authentication, etc.

Although Huawei is developing its Harmony OS separately for the future as an Android alternative, it has also developed its in-house Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) similar to Google mobile services for android devices. Android is an open-source OS, so Huawei can continue using it without Google Play services.

Other Chinese companies including, Xiaomi, OPPO & Vivo too have shown interest in using its services as an alternative option for their already popular android phones.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro was the first to ditch Google services after the Global Outrage. Huawei HMS 4.0 provides basic services like maps, location, and security features. The service is in its early phases and we will see many more devices and much more advanced service from Huawei as it develops further.