A Puzzle Game That Lets You Control the Traffic flow

traffix game traffic flow

Traffix is a puzzle game that gives you the complete control of traffic lights and traffic flow. Traffix game was created by Infinity Games. It is now available to the users for $4.99 on the iOS App Store, for $3.99 on Steam (macOS and Windows) and for $2.99 on the Google Play Store for Android mobile. 

Traffix game keeps you in control of an intersection or group of intersections at each level making it an interesting game at every different level. It also asks you to manually control the traffic signals until a specified number of white cars leave the area.

By default, all the lights are set to red, stopping all trucks and cars. Clicking or tapping a traffic light once lets a single vehicle through and tapping twice lets all vehicles through until you hit it again to change the light back to red. Apart from making sure that the right number of vehicles leaves the stage, you also need to avoid waiting of a vehicle for too long at traffic light without any crashes.

At first, this game seems simple enough to avoid and overcome traffic. But as the game progresses, it introduces new intersections with more complicated layouts and traffic that you have no control over, including planes and trains making it more interesting. It takes about two to four hours to finish the game.