Tile updates Google Assistant integration to be on par with Apple

tile google assistant apple iot

Tile focuses on devices that are used to locate personal belongings through a mobile app. Recently,they made a minor update in Google Assistant. The latest update will allow the Google Assistant to ring a Tile to locate an item attached to it.

Although this feature isn’t available this year, Tile is spreading the news of its existence rather loudly. Earlier users required to say “Hey Google, ask Tile to find my phone” but with the upcoming update a user could just say “Hey Google, find my phone,” and the Tile to attached it will ring.

The recent update by Tile can be considered as a move to spread its word before Apple announces its tracker in iOS 13. In the upcoming hardware event, Apple is rumored to announce the new Bluetooth tracker that’ll sync with iPhone and users can set a specific sound to go off if the item is missing or left behind. The company also proposes use of augmented reality to help users locate their missing item.

With Apple coming into picture the competition gets fierce, and there’s a possibility that the upcoming Apple trackers are more efficient than Tile as they implement ultra-wideband technology in trackers which is superior to the Bluetooth LE that Tile uses. And Apple with its huge user base may leave Tile far behind in the race.