Thatgamecompany’s Sky finally comes to iOS

thatgamecompany ios sky

Thatgamecompany’s Sky: Children of the light is now available for iOS devices. Recently, Thatgamecompany, the American independent video game developer company launched the Sky game on the Apple App Store worldwide.

Thatgamecompany says, “Sky is best described as a heartwarming experience designed for fans to share and play with friends and family, time and time again. The game is certainly beautiful, as you can see in the screenshots and it’s a tough challenge to get fans to come back to mobile experiences. Sky: Children of the Light is the first chapter in the Sky online series, with more to follow in the future.”

Sky is a free play game with an ever expanding social adventure world that will continue to evolve with new adventures, collectibles and characters. This series is highly accessible and beautifully animated with an amazing soundtrack and emotionally driven back story to bring the world to life. According to Thatgamecompany, Sky: Children of the light will also launch on MacOS, Android mobiles, tvOS and PC in the near future.

In 2017, this game was initially launched as an Apple TV 4K showcase. Now, it will run only on iPads and iPhones. This game app is available freely for download.