Wifi Porter connects you to the Wifi with just a tap

ten one wood wifi porter

Ten One Design has just announced a new NFC device called the “Wifi Porter”, which connects your handset to the local network with just a tap. The wood block, made from hard maple, doesn’t require an SSID or Wifi password to connect.   

NFC-equipped Android phones and iPhones since 2018 will instantly get a connection prompt by just tapping the devices against the puck. But if your devices lack those luxuries, you can still connect to the Wifi using a QR code that is printed on the underside of the Porter. Your guests won’t even need an app to connect to your Wifi.

However, initially, in order to set up the Wifi Porter, you would need to download a companion app the Porter suggests on tapping it using your handset for the first time. Open the app downloaded using the link provided by Porter and tap once again on the NFC device to add the Wifi network that you want others to connect to easily. Once this is done, you may have to tap the phone again against the Porter to confirm the change. You will also get an option to print the QR code which you can stick on the underside of the gadget, for guests using older iPhones.

The device might not help much if you are connecting your laptop. But, it’s definitely a great idea for mobile phone users, and it’s not at all expensive at $40 per block. Ten One Design is producing two different versions of the Wifi Porter, a standard model and a $60 limited edition version with Italian leather finish. Both the models are expected to start shipping soon; however, links to preorder them are available already.