Sony’s 3D Cameras will make FaceID better in smartphones

sony cameras to change faceid

The much-awaited Face Identification came to the mobile scene finally in 2018; courtesy iPhone X. Apple once again was the first to introduce another breakthrough technology in phones. The technology was widely appreciated and emulated soon by the likes of Vivo, Huawei, and Xiaomi. But better technology is on the way as Sony promises better facial identification tech in 2019.

The facial ID tech in the phones introduced in 2018 detects a user’s face by identifying the deformations on the grid of invisible dots that the device projects. But Sony with its cameras is going one up with its technology by introducing depth sensing much like a bat’s echolocation. Sony’s 3D sensor uses laser pulses to create a depth map and depending on how long it takes for the pulses to bounce back it produces a 3D model of user’s face.

Being the biggest producer of camera chips in the world today, Sony’s technology has generated interests with all the big mobile makers in the world. Sony is reportedly kicking off mass production of these 3D cameras in the summer of 2019.

Earlier, last week Satoshi Yoshihara who leads Sony’s Sensor Division said that their 3D business is already operating profitably and is bound to contribute greatly on Sony’s earnings as smartphones start using the company’s technology as the year progresses.