Samsung shifts its production from South Korea to Vietnam temporarily

samsung shifts south korea vietnam

Samsung had earlier announced a temporary shutdown of its flagship smartphone making factory in Gumi, South Korea. It was because six of the employees working in the factory had tested positive for the COVID-19.

Now Samsung has come up with a new statement that it is shifting some of its key product lines to Vietnam to keep the supplies uninterrupted. This plant produces Samsung’s Flagship phones, namely the Galaxy S20 series, and Z Flip.

The change of the plan from Samsung comes because further outspread in the Gumi plant can lead to scarcity of the recently launched flagships worldwide and it may also further hamper the sales of Samsung.The Gumi plant is near Daegu, the country’s fourth-largest city, which is at the heart of the virus outbreak in South Korea.

Samsung said in a statement, “The transfer of some high-end smartphone production to Vietnam is aimed at supplying products to consumers in a more efficient, stable and timely manner. Once the epidemic situation stabilizes, this part of the production will move back to the Gumi Plant.”

Interestingly, most of the production of Samsung happens in Vietnam.Samsung began to move its electronic equipment for its flagships from China to its factories in Vietnam by air, as the flow of goods between the two countries is restricted for now.