Samsung launches its Bixby marketplace for its users

samsung launches bixby marketplace

Samsung has announced the launch of its highly awaited Bixby marketplace. The Bixby marketplace will act as a one-stop shop for users to avail a wide range of services (capsules) and also enhance the Bixby experience for Samsung mobile users.

The Bixby marketplace for now is being made available for the U.S. and South Korea. Samsung expects that the launch of the platform will lay the foundation for an ecosystem of services which will be developed further by developers.

The platform will help the Samsung users take their customized experience to the next level. The wide range of services offered by the platform includes capsules such as iHeartRadio, NPR, Google Maps, Spotify, Yelp and more.

Samsung in its press release wrote: “Samsung will continue to improve the Bixby platform and evolve the Bixby Marketplace to support developer needs and enhance the experience for all our users. Developers will continue to add more capsules to the Bixby Marketplace over the next few months. Samsung plans to share more exciting updates at Samsung Developer Conference 2019 (SDC19) which will be held on October 29–30 in San Jose, California.”