Samsung delays Galaxy Fold release in China

samsung delays galaxy fold

The Galaxy Fold won’t be hitting the Chinese market just yet. Reports state that Samsung has postponed the launch of the smartphone that was supposed to be held in Shanghai and Hong Kong this week. Just a few days after reports surged about broken devices, Samsung has decided to hold back the official launch.

However, sources close to the launch say that the delay is because of an issue with the venue. At the same time, other launch activities have also been delayed or canceled entirely. Although Samsung hasn’t commented on the delayed launch, the editor-in-chief of the Chinese Engadget tweeted: “Samsung Galaxy Fold launch events in Hong Kong and Shanghai have been postponed.”

Folded Away

The official reason is about the venue, but coincidentally it comes right at the time when many tech journalists reported the phones broke just after a couple of days from using them. There are a wide range of issues- broken screens, protective coverings coming off the screen, problems with the hinges, etc.

Samsung has promised to work on the issue and thoroughly inspect them to root out the defects before the official launch in the US soon. This first-gen of foldable mobiles from Samsung are priced at $1,980- certainly the most expensive one in the market now. But with breakage issues popping up, it’s going to be a hard ride for Samsung.