Reliance Jio to launch low-cost Android Smartphones by December

reliance jio to launch low cost android smartphones

Reliance Jio is planning to launch a low-cost Android Smartphone by December this year. The company is looking to sell at least 100 million low-cost smartphones and make India”2G-Mukt” (2G Free). As India doesn’t have many resources to make a phone from scratch, it will outsource the production elsewhere. The low-cost Android Smartphones will help Jio acquire new customers who are stuck on 2G networks with other operators with feature phones.

Jio is currently the largest telecom operator in India and the 4G only network. It has 389 million subscribers and still adding rapidly. While Airtel and newly combined Vi have 317 million and 279 million subscribers respectively. BSNL is the last one with just 123 million subscribers. Earlier, in the AGM meeting, Jio had committed to acquire 500 million subscribers mark to the investors.

Back in July, Google invested $4.5 billion in Reliance Industries and will invest ₹33,737 crore to acquire a 7.7% stake in Jio platforms. The company announced Google as the new strategic partner to help build low-cost Android Smartphones and also products targeted specifically for India.

Apart from these low-cost 4g Smartphones, Jio is also readying its indigenous 5G telecom gear. Jio says it is totally prepared and economically stable to launch 5G and after many strategic investments from companies like Qualcomm and Google, it is better prepared for 5G deployments once the spectrum is auctioned.