Rakuten puts off the launch of its mobile services

rakuten delays mobile service launch

The Japanese internet company has postponed the launch of its wireless communications network slated to go online on October 1, 2019. The launch is now going to happen sometime before April 2020.

Starting next month, the e-commerce giant is looking to launch its mobile service in a limited capacity in areas such as Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya City and Kobe City. The company in its statement said: “In order to ensure the stability and quality of its service for customers and continue to improve the network based on customer feedback and requests, the company will initially open applications to 5,000 subscribers free of charge through the Free Supporter Program.”

The company feels that it should first do a limited rollout of its network to test the stability and quality of service before looking to roll it out for all of Japan.

The news of the rollout was welcomed in Japan as the company promised to offer its mobile services at lower rates than others in the space. The company has also promised to not charge any cancellation fees or introduce contract terms.

Post the full-fledged launch, Rakuten will be the fourth mobile service provider in the Asian country.