Paytm Will Have 1 Million Apps in Its Mini App Store

paytm mini app store

Noida-based Paytm launched its mini app store earlier this week. The Indian company is now aiming to add as many as 1 million apps in the app store to rival Google’s PlayStore. Paytm is investing approximately 100 million rupees towards the development and upgrading the mini-app developer ecosystem. It has been in beta since early this year.

Paytm is looking to achieve the 1 million apps milestone before the contentious PlayStore billing becomes mandatory for Indian app developers by April 2021. “Neither a company from the East, nor a company from the West, if someone will rule India it will be an Indian company,” Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder of Paytm said in a virtual conference. He had earlier called Google “judge, jury and executioner” after Paytm was temporarily removed from the PlayStore last month for a policy violation.

Backed by SoftBank and Berkshire Hathaway, Paytm is a promising unicorn from the Indian subcontinent. It will be putting forward 100 million rupees (pver $1 million) for mini app developers in India to achieve the 1 million mark. Sharma led Paytm seems adamant on ending Google’s monopoly in the app store space.

The Paytm founder has also said that he welcomes the idea of co-existence of multiple app stores in the country.